Beyond Peace

by Beyond Peace

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krotix I go far back to the beginnings of Philly HC and I still have a soft spot for a band firmly on the punk side of the dividing line from Metal.

Do not get me wrong I like many genres of Metal , but I fall on The Left politically and care more about both personal and political politics than many in the metal genre. Favorite track: Repression.
Kaitlyn-Chloe Brugger
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Kaitlyn-Chloe Brugger I don't see the point in listening to anything else in 2017 cuz this album is already the pinnacle of the year. Amazing, raw lyrics that aren't too artsy, but not too direct either. Repression hits really close to home. Hope these guys tour and come to NC. Favorite track: Repression.
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released January 1, 2017



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Beyond Peace Iowa

Hardcore punk band from eastern Iowa.

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Track Name: Old Crop
I’ve heard your point one thousand times before, you couldn’t be more wrong.
You are wrong.
Your motivations are racist. I’ve see that look before, I know the thoughts going through your head.

I’m from that place that you call home, so far from where I ever want to be.
But I left and that’s the key.

I don’t know what I expected, I guess I just forget you’re all fucked in the head.

I gotta go. I shouldn’t have gone home.
I don’t need friends that bad.
Track Name: Doughboys
They were born with no worries, they were born lucky.
Handed all keys, handed all homes, handed all roads, psychos.
Choosing what to eat when you have it all is hard. They will never know what it’s like to starve.

Well fed faces, perfect teeth, living off their families.
Never knowing what's the cost. What's it to them? Nothing lost.
Then they tell you how you've had to live your life is wrong. They’ll call you lazy and tell you everywhere you don’t belong.

Buy me. Try me.
I’ll lose it all. It’s a short fall.
Track Name: Big Man
I see you there. I see your stare.
Big man, you think I scare? You’re big but I don’t care.

I saw you get her drink. I saw her at the sink.
I saw her falling out. I know without a doubt that you’re a piece of shit who thinks what’s hers is his and all the coming day your boys will hear you say how she was “such a slut”. Around the house you strut but when it all comes back you don’t remember that:

She didn’t choose. She couldn’t choose.
You lit the fuse and now you’re gonna lose.

Unimpaired, now you’re scared.

We know where you live. We do not forgive.
We’re gonna take you out.
Track Name: Wearing Thin
You're afraid to express yourself in different ways than what you’ve been taught is right. That’s why you’re always quoting someone else when you try to make up your mind. I don’t care where you went to school or what you think you know.

You don’t know what’s right. You don’t know what’s wrong.
All you know is what they’ve told you all along.

You’re a square. You have nothing up there.
I don’t care if you get hurt out there.

Somethings's gotta give. Your bubble is closing in.
Life will smack you in the face, my patience wearing thin.

The foundation is wearing down on your perfect house and the box with which you base your life, the bottoms falling out.

I have no doubt that you have no clue what life is about.

Your regular intake of everything they say has made you lazy waiting for the next thing that they throw your way. Your whole insight is on loan and you’re not leaving home. You’re a tourist of this life with no vision of your own.
Track Name: Repression
I left your fucked up home unannounced and I can’t see a way that I would ever doubt my choice to leave you both and never speak, I don’t. I won’t live my life in your way, you couldn’t care to hear me say:

I can’t stay here. I’m thinking clear.

All my words you’ve torn apart. You love me? Please don’t even start.
Your god forgives you both but I simply don’t.
Go dedicate your life to church, the rest of us will be at work.

Your words, your actions.
My thoughts, my reactions.
Your life, your belief.
Your death is my relief.
I can’t love anyone, and least of all your holy son.
I blaspheme his holy name; fifteen years and nothings changed.

Take it back, I dare you to.
Make me regret hating you.

I’ve said it all before but I’ll repeat it: I don’t want it anymore.
I’d rather starve than ever come back, you won’t even see me darken your door.
I don’t care about your feelings, you never cared about mine.
Burn in hell that you believe in, you can’t ever give me back all that time.